Free T-Shirt

Dec 11, 2013

Free PRG lg or XL T-shirt with every on-line order over $100 from 12-11-2013 until 12-25-2013. Please include your size in the comments box when ordering

New SAW 2" Frontier/Xterra Coilover

Aug 28, 2013

PRG and Sway-A-Way are proud to offer the lastest 2" dia coilovers for the 05+ Frontier, Xterra, and Pathfinder. These coilovers offer beautiful nickle-plated bodies, red annodized hardware, 5/8" nitro-steel shafts, large 5/8" bearings on both ends of the shock, and come set up and ready to install. Springs are silver Eibachs rated from 500lb (2wd 4cyl) up to 750lb (4wd w winch and steel bumper). These coilovers include a very nice spanner wrench and the adjuster nut uses a stainless slip plate to make height adjustments even easier. Shown are the extended version designed to be used with PRG, SPC or TC upper a-arms (a stock length version is also available for use with stock upper a-arms). These coilovers offer 3" of lift when used with the aftermarket upper arms. You can get slightly more height at the expense of ride quality. We try to keep these coilovers on the shelf but they are custom built to each clients' needs and typically take 5-7 days to assemble. Like any custom parts, delivery can be up to 4 orders can take longer. These come with a default spring of 600lbs (good for 4wd with stock bumper). We will build them with any rate you want for no add'l charge. You can add what spring rate you want in the comment box when ordering. If you dont we will call you and discus your options. These are currently selling for $799/pr shipped in the 48 states.

Having Fun

Jul 3, 2013

Just a quick pic of us out messing around one morning before work

New Xterra Package Available!

Dec 13, 2012

Xterra guys, we've got a new package for you. Kit includes same Radflo coilovers as our advanced package (your choice of spring rate) but SPC upper arms, new single AAL and extended rear bilsteins. The AAL can be run with or w/o overload spring but we include the new ubolts and STEEL shims and center pins so you have the choice. Price INCLUDES shipping in the 48 states. You can add cam bolts for $50 and this kit is meant to be run less rear sway bar. We are working on a very nice extended rear sway bar link right now though. Price is $1489 delivered. It'll be added to the site soon, but in the meantime, call to order (530) 885-3830

Super Special on In-Stock Mid-Travel Titan Kits - Only Two Available

Dec 13, 2012

For sale, super cheap. We have 2 titan mid travel kits on the shelf (one tig'd one mig'd). As well as 2 sets of remote res MT specific coilovers and 2 sets of extended titan axles for the 4wd guys. Price for the kit as shown (mig'd) is $3200 shipped in the 48 states. this includes heim steering. Add axles for 400/pr. Kit with out coilovers is $1900 for mig'd and $2000 for tig'd includes heim steering. Call if interested. (530) 885-3830

You've met PRG and PRJ, but have you met PRO...?

Jun 6, 2011

Here's our Oliver. One year old!

Photo Gallery Update! - Good stuff...

Apr 10, 2008

A bunch of new photos have been added to the Photo Gallery. Check them out! Thanks to everyone who has sent in their pics (and for the wonderful comments, too!). Keep them coming! ...Jen

Hooray for the new site! - It's about time, huh?

Apr 4, 2008

If you're reading this you've probably figured out by now that we've got the new site up and running. We're thrilled with the new look of PRG and really appreciate everyone's feedback.

There are a few little glitches we're getting worked out. One of them relates to email. If you've got something urgent you need to talk with us about, please call us at (951) 780-5331. Otherwise, if you've sent an email, please give it a few more days and if you don't receive a response, email us again. You might have gotten lost in the shuffle. We did get a huge response from the ASK GREG section, though, so Greg might just need a few extra days to get back to everyone. Thanks for your patience!

I also would like to take a moment to thank Matt Kartozian at DurkaDurka.Net for the great shots he got of Greg's Titan during a recent photo shoot (they're in the rotation of photos on the front page) and also to the customers who have been sending in photos for the Photo Gallery (and some of who are also featured on the front page rotation!). The gallery is going to be a favorite part of the site. It does take some time to review all the submissions and get them posted, though, so please bear with us.

One last note: It is true that we have expanded our line of products to include some Tundra components. We are working out the details to get these into production so we have a good stock and will be adding them to the site soon. In the meantime, please give us a call if you have questions or would like to order.

Till next time... Jen


Feb 1, 2008

Thanks for visiting our new site. We know it’s been a long time coming and appreciate everyone’s patience. We hope you find it was worth the wait.

Not only do we finally have our full product line available for browsing, but we’ve got some pretty neat interactive features, too. We’re especially excited about the Photo Gallery, where you can upload your favorite photo and tell everyone about your mods. We’ve also got brand new suspension packages that you can customize to suit your needs.

We plan on having interviews, shop tours, meeting write-ups, and more in our Features section. Look for an interview with Radflo shocks in the next few weeks!

We’ll be using this News section to let everyone know about stuff we’re working on and to post general announcements about the site and our products. And don’t miss the Ask Greg section – with your help we hope to make it a comprehensive resource for the most common questions related to our products and to late-model Nissan truck and SUV suspensions in general.

On the links page you’ll see a list of forums that we are eternally grateful to. PRG Products would not exist if it were not for the forums and our amazing customers that spread the word about our reputation and our products through them.

Please take a look around and visit us again soon. Thanks to Cuker Design for our beautiful new site and thanks to all of our customers for allowing us to keep doing what we love – providing people with the best suspension components we can!