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4WD Advanced Coilover Kit

PRG Price: $1,699.00

Part #: PRG-PKG-ACO4
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This kit offers the same great ride and performance of the basic kit, but offers more wheel travel and/or height (up to 3.0" of front lift) by using longer travel PRG Radflo 2.0 coilovers and PRG upper control arms. The rear is raised by using the PRG Deaver 2-leaf spring upgrade and Bilstein 5125 Series rear shocks. Installation is of medium difficulty and requires basic hand tools plus a hacksaw or Sawzall and should take between four and five hours. The upper a-arms are easiest to install by cutting a factory bolt; we will provide a new one in your kit. After ordering we will contact you within a couple days and go over your specific needs to determine the proper length rear shocks and front spring rate/coilover tuning. If you know what you need, you can just jot it down in the comments box but we really do prefer to talk with you to insure you get the proper parts the first time.
Please note: Separate purchase of alignment cams is recommended for this component or package, however, every vehicle is different and 2006 and later model Nissan trucks and SUVs do not come with alignment cams from the factory. They are available from us at a reduced rate (previous customers or with additional purchase only) by clicking here. An alignment is required after installing any components that change the ride height of the vehicle. Please be sure to read our return and shipping policies before completing your order. This package is for four-wheel drive vehicles only. Please see other packages for two-wheel drive options. Please note that this package contains parts and components from nearly a dozen vendors as well as the coilovers being built specifically for your application, it typically takes 1-2 weeks to ship but can take over a month. International orders often see a 4 week ship time.