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PRG Titan Leveling Kit

PRG Price: $169.00

Part #: PRG-20LK-T
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#prg-15lk-t $139.00
#prg-20lk-t $169.00
#prg-25lk-t $179.00


This is the best, most complete kit on the market. The kit includes two CNC billet 6061 spacers, upgraded urethane bumpstops (to prevent harsh bottoming and to protect the shock - not included with the 1.5" spacers), grade 8 hardware, new cotter keys, and photo instructions to make do-it-yourself installation a breeze!

The 1.5" spacer was designed for the 08 and later Titans, which sit a little more level than previous years. This kit does not include bumpstops because they are not necessary with this size kit. If you must have them then you can order them seperately over the phone. Call for pricing. (951) 780-5331

4wd vehicles should NOT use a 2wd sized spacer; once you go over 2" with a 4wd you will very likely experience upper arm to coilbucket contact which will cause an annoying thunking noise.

Also, please note, it is NOT acceptable to stack spacers for more height.