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This is the BEST repalcement kit on the market for the 4runner or FJ PERIOD!!!  Most companies build really nice kits but simplt copy eachothers designe because they dont understand how physics work (im sure ill piss off a lot of people with that). This kit elliminates the driver's side upper link and is 100% direct bolt-on. No need to drill out holes or run custom bolts. Because our bearings do not have slop like rubber or urethane, there is no binding at all through the full range of movement. Zero side deflection, zero axle wrap and 100% free movement vertically and through full articulation. Because we use no urethane, there are no squeaks either and no messy zerk fittings no goddam johnny joints to maintain. The lower links are 1.75" dia x .211 wall DOM (.250 wall on request and for more $$), the upper link is 1"x .250 wall and the panhard is 1.25" x .250 wall. The upper and panhard bar use left and right hand threads to make adjustments super easy, but we do send these out adjusted to the stock dimensions so you can simply bolt them on and be on your way. The lower links use FK 1" teflon-lined uniballs and FK 1x1.25" 3-pc teflon-lined heims in right hand thread (all of the bearings (heims) we use are NOT the shitty 2-pc Chinese heims that most offroad shops use. If someone says Heims are noisey, they use garbage bearings...GOOD heims are quiet). The upper link and panhard use FK 3/4 3-pc telon-lined heims. All the bearings are readily availble through many vendors, as well as us, should you need replacement parts in the future.

Tubes are shown in RED but can also be plated in BLACK. Typical build time is about 10-15 working days. 

Why a 3 link and panhard vs 4 link and works better. The factory uses soft rubber bushings and a sway bar, there is a certain amount of "bind" built in to the OEM geometry...those bushings are also really cheap. Switching to this style of geometry has ZERO bind in the full usable range of movement and this allows for less stress on all the chassis mounting points as well as more life from the bearings. It simply costs more to do this. And any aftermarket 4-link w pahard bar kit that uses bearings at any pivot point is hurting the chassis and decresing flex and ride quality.


FJ/4 RunnerGX470 4-Link Kit

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