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These are brand new from Bilstein. These are 2.5" body replacement shocks. These offer from stock to 1.7" of lift with 5 settings in between. These shocks come with new coil springs...these are the same rate as a stock 4wd or pro4x. The ride quality is really great, better than the 5100 and on par with Radflo 2.0...maybe a bit smoother as long as you dont have a lot of weight up front (winch/plate bumper, etc). These do require a spring compressor to finish assembly. There should be no uca to coilbuket contact...although the arm gets very close at full extension. ...the length of the shock does not change with different height settings....and do not just add a spacer to get more WILL have massive contact. You can add our 1.5" spacers with the SPC or PRG upper a-arms to get a little over 3" of lift though. These typically drop ship, so when you order they will ship from a warehouse other that ours. 

Frontier/Xterra Bilstein 6112 60mm Coilover Kit

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