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Note, all Stinger parts are built on a custom order basis. You can enter all your info and get charged "$0" , we will simply cancel the order, we are tiny machine shop, its not like we just gonna ship hundreds of dollars in parts because we "messed up" the pricing on our website. If you want our parts, email or call.

These links are a direct bolt in replacement for the rear toe links. The goal was to reduce (elliminate) any rear directional change under hard cornering or acceleration. That part was easy. The secondary benefit was that these links ellimnated a very substancial binding point from the vulcanized bushings that results in a much better (less bouncy) ride. We use 1" thick walled DOM tubing and FK 3-pc 3/4 inch heim joints and stainless spacers. The links are 100% silent and do not hurt ride quality at all. They come assembled and adjusted to bolt right in. You can adjustthem but there should be no need. An alignement shop will still use the factory alignement cams to perform an alignement as stock. We use right hand threads on both sides to keep anythign from happeneing should a jam nut get will NOT loose your alignement. but if you need to make a major change, just unbolt one end, lengthen or shorten as needed, then adjust with the cam bolts as usual. These ship in red but we can paint them black if youd like as they can kinda be seen from the rear of the car. Price includes usps shipping in the 50 states. We try to keep these in stock but it make take a couple days to get them out the door.

Kia Stinger Rear Toe Link Kit

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