This kit allows the rear of the r51 Pathfinder (2005-2012) 4wd or 2wd to lift the rear 2" or 1.5" using our steel bracket and 6061 spacers. This kit includes new braided brake lines and proper length rear twin-tube shocks. This kit does not change the rear alignement by iteslf and aftermarket rear springs and/or our 2" lift spacers can be combined for upto 4" of rear lift. There is currently no rear Bilstein option that is the proper length for this set-up (shocks exsist but not with the proper valving or they are too short). This kit uses the Armada rear shocks....and the rear air-assist shocks could also be used...but we havent done that yet, so its just a suggestion at this point.

A common option to lift the front 2" is to use the Bilstein 5100 or a spacer or the OME coil/shock combo. The 4" option would be used for a Titan Swap front kit. And the 1.5" option combined with our 1.5" spacers (3" lift) would be ideal for an extended travel front kit utilizing aftermarket upper a-arms.

note, pic only shows 1 shock...the kit comes with 2, and the steel peices will be powdercoated gloss black.

Pathfinder 2 inch or 1.5 inch Rear Subframe Lift w/ Shocks



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