These are 2.0 (2inch dia as opposed to 2.5inch...this dimension has nothing to do with the amount of lift) Radflo coilovers for the Xterra/Frontier/Pathfinder. These are a direct replacement for the stock spring/shock combo. Simply undo the 4 bolts that hold your stock strut in place and bolt this unit in for a HUGE improvement in ride quality and handling. These coilovers offer a slight increase in wheel travel over the stock shocks and there will be no coil bucket/uca contact at any height adjustment. The ride height can be varied from stock up to 2+" lift, but 1- 2" typically rides best. You can experiment using the wrench provided to see what height you like best. These coilovers come as a default with 600lb springs (what we consider best for a stock 4wd). but can be ordered with 500, 550, 650, 700, and 750lb springs. Rule of thumb is as follows; 
550lb-2wd 6cyl
600lb-4wd stock bumper
650lb-4wd aftermarket steel bumper (Heafty, Shrock, etc)
700lb-4wd steel bumper AND winch 
750lb-4wd steel bumper AND large winch w/ steel rope
Please specify rate that you desire in the comment box when ordering, if you don't we will call you. Or just call us if you have questions. Please note that being one spring rate off will NOT hurt the ride quality. Typically a change of 10% is the minimum you can feel. There is also just personal preference, some people like a soft ride, others firm...the springs will determine brake dive and body roll much more than bump adsorption or ride quality. Our goal of having so many springs rates is to match the front rate to what the rear spring is doing. Also, going too soft will NOT give you an amazing amount of flex (articulation) over a slightly stiffer spring. 
Some commonly asked questions;
-How tall can I lift? well, there will be more threads on the body than you can use...you can adjust to about 3+ inches of lift but the ride will suck! Because of the suspension geometry, not the coilovers, we suggest about 2" lift for best ride/performance when keeping the stock upper a-arms. Moderation is the key here.
-Is a 2.5" dia coilover better than the 2.0? Yes and no. Our simple rule-of-thumb is that if your tires are coming off the ground from going fast, the 2.5" will work better. So 95% of the time, the 2.0 are great. They are also about $300 less expensive and offer more spring rate options.
-How often do these need to be serviced/rebuilt? About every 5-7 years is our opinion. There are upper and lower bearings that may need to be replaced sooner and these are just a few $$ and easily changed with basic hand tools.
-Can I run these with PRG or SPC arms? Sure, but you will not see the benefit of more travel unless you lengthen the shock w/ a proper spacer. We have a custom machined spacer (NOT a leveling kit) that will get you the extra ride height but no more wheel travel...you will also need longer studs/bolts that we can provide.
-Can I add my 2+ inch leveling kit to these and get 4+ inches lift? NO, NO, NO!!! If it were that easy we'd make the shocks longer. If you try to run a leveling spacer on these, you will loose lots of wheel travel and have major suspension binding issues....and it still wont be 4" of lift.
-Will these work with my bracket lift? Yes for Calmini (but only if you run an aftermarket upper a-arm). No for Fabtech and yes for Rough Country. Although we do offer special length coilovers for these applications.
-Will these work with a Titan Swap? Yes, but not as well as a proper length Titan-swap specific coilover. I this application a 2" lift spacer CAN be used but only in conjunction with our PRG Titan upper a-arms or the SPC Titan arms....please call at this point as there are many combinations being used/tired on the Titan Swap arena.
-How do these compare with the Bilstein 5100 or 5100/TJM combo? These are 100% better in nearly every aspect except price. The 5100 alone are great for the $$ but 5100 and heavy coil (TJM or OME) are not even in the same ball park.
These coilovers are built to order and generally take 10-12 buisiness days. These ship direclty from Radflo unless custom colors are requested (adds at least 2 weeks for custom spring colors and $100)

Xterra/ Frontier/ Pathfinder Radflo 2.0 Direct Replacement Coilovers

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