These cast spindles offer 4" of lift for 2wd Titans by moving the wheel/hub/brake assembly 4" lower relative to the ball joints. Nothing else changes regarding the suspension geometry. These are easy to install and include Crown braided brake lines (yes, you will have to bleed the brakes after you install the new hoses, but its pretty easy on the Titans..note: on the 08+ truck you could run the stock hoses, but I dont suggest it). You will get 4" more clearance under the front cross-member after install. These are a 2wd ONLY option, 4wd Titans can certainly install these but you will NOT be able to keep your front axle shafts. These spindles can be combined with leveling kits or coilovers and/or aftermarket upper a-arms for a total of about 8-9" lift in some applications. Or, if you currently have a leveling kit, add these, a 4" rear block kit, carrier bearing drop, and proper rear shocks for a very nice 6" lift kit. You can also just leave the rear stock if you live in San Diego or wear black socks. Basically, any combination that can be used with a stock spindle can be used with these. however, you cannot combine these spindles with a Bracket lift kit (Procomp, Fabtech, Rough Country, Rancho, Etc) as the ball joint spacing on these is the stock distance...those kits require a taller spindle. These are "lift spindles" those kits use a spindle for a lift kit. People often compare these with the CST 4" lift spindles...the end results are very similar, these spindles are much heavier (not necessarily stronger though) than the fabricated CST probably wont notice this but it is worth noting. Many shops dont want to install these as the install time is about 1-2 hrs vs 6-8 for a bracket lift kit...greedy bastards! Also, unlike the CST spindles these are much less expensive and use a regular hex bolt and do NOT require the 12mm Allen wrench that the CST spindles require. You do NOT need to press the hub out of these like a Chevy...they just unbolt and with a couple wraps of a mallet the hub will come out. We do suggest that alignment cams be installed if you don't have them already. Price is for the pair of spindles, brake lines, and attaching hardware..There is no rear hardware included with this kit.
Here's the generic stuff:
-Ductile Iron Construction
-4.75" Max Backspacing
-17" Wheel Minimum
-Maintains stock ride quality
-100% Bolt On Installation

Titan Maxtrc 4 Inch Lift Spindles