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Dec 16, 2018
Our Xterra was my daily driver for years until I got pregnant and no longer wanted to climb up into that beast. So we got a mom car that was also a fast car and that began my need for speed. I've had a few rides since then, but here's my newest car, an Audi Q5 3.0T. Greg wanted to lower it, but I wanted to be able to speed up for bumps, but slow down for driveways. So we ditched the factory 19" wheels for 17" Motegi rally style wheels and Toyo 31" ATs. We built a custom lift (currently set at 1.5"). Greg lengthened the rear shock to offset for the height. He also machined some custom 20mm wheel spacers for the rear. We also ditched the rear sway bar. The real magic happened with the tuning, though. We bought this particular car because of the potential of the supercharged 3.0L. We added an overdrive pulley, 034 stage 2 tune, and an intake. That brings it to the mid 400 HP range - woo hoo! This car is so much fun to drive.
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