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Greg and Jen are offroaders and car enthusiasts from way back. They met because of their mutual love of trucks in 1999 and a couple months later they had formed a truck club in Southern California. They were very active in the offroad community, helping with course work and promotions for So Cal racing series. The truck club meets became long distance jump events (think BIG air!) and eventually they opened a small offroad race and testing track, The Rialto Offroad Raceway. This was an amazing time. They got to meet their offroad racing heroes and helped bring people together to create lifelong memories.  Many of the vendors they work with today are people they met back in those early days!

     In 2004 Greg bought a Nissan Titan. He loved everything about it except the stance. If only the nose were a couple inches higher it'd be perfect. But the leveling kits on the market at the time left a lot to be desired. So he made his own billet kit. He shared the results on the online forums and before long people were asking him to make one for them, too. He was a machinist at the time so he'd just work on his leveling kits after hours. But before long there were so many orders from people wanting the Prerunner Greg (PRG) kit that it was too much to work full time,  promote offroad events, and make leveling kits, too. Both he and Jen (an elementary school librarian) quit their "real jobs" and  PRG as a legit business (versus a side gig) was born. 

     The shop was run out of the garage for a few years. They liked it that way. They just needed more space. So they moved up north and found a place with TWO garages! That was in 2009. In 2010 PRG and PRJ had PRO (Oliver, a baby boy!). In the time since, PRG has outgrown the garages and now operates out of a shop in beautiful Auburn, California. Greg runs the business pretty much by himself with some assists from Jen, who spends most of her time caring for and homeschooling Ollie. PRG's product line has expanded and Greg does shock tuning for many Northern California Ultra 4, desert,  and rock racers. We really enjoy serving the Nissan community and are proud to know more about late model Nissan truck and SUV suspension than anyone in the business. Although they still spend a lot of time in the dirt, Greg likes driving sports cars on Nor Cal's scenic and windy roads these days and the aftermarket products leave a lot to be desired, so...don't be surprised if you see some new product categories one day soon! Other future plans are to get the shop back home. They have no desire to be some kind of giant super shop; they'll always be a small family-run business. They just want to sell parts they're proud of and that they're interested in and have the freedom to spend time together. They're grateful for the customers who help them achieve that goal!

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