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Bumpstops are suggested but no longer included

This kit is designed to add 1.5+ Inches of lift using the OME or Bislten 5100 front shocks for a total of 3+ inches lift and zero coilbucket contact. We use the SPC upper arms, our 1.5" lift billet spacers and add our taller urethane bump stops to prevent the shock from bottoming under full compression. We suggest that the 5100 be put into the "middle" setting for the best ride. People often ask about running the 2" spacers, while it will bolt-in, the lower ball joint and cv boots will be taxed and can be hurt. The OME and 5100 are longer than the factory shocks and combined w/ the proper spacer make a great upgrade. This kit can ship from mulitple sources, so you will typically get 2 different deliverys.

3 Inch Lift OME/Bilstein 5100 Extension Kit

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