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What we have here is an Armada/qx56 5" rear subframe drop lift kit. These kits are designed to work WITHOUT the rear air ride (all qx56 and armada w tow pkg). If you are lifting one of these, chances are you've already ditched the rear air shocks anyway. What we did was take the best parts of the old Procomp And Rancho kits and streamline them into this kit. Install is pretty easy as there are only 6 bolts that attach the subframe to the chassis...this kit adds a bracket between the 4 rear bolts and a billet spacer for the front bolts. This kit includes our braided brake lines. 4 bilstein 5125 rear shocks, and the hardware to install it all. You will need to drill 8 3/8 holes in the rear of the spring pocket of the lower link...its easy to get to and not all that critical so its hard to mess up. 
We used to suggest the Procomp 6" kit for the front, but lately we have been using the Rough Country 4" bracket lift w/ the Bilstein 5100 ft shocks (no coilbucket contact and some adjustment on the front). On a 2wd many people run the Maxtrac Spindle and the 5100 front shocks to get 4-6" lift.
If you want more lift you can add our 2" rear spacers to make the rear about 7" of lift....RC 4" kit w the 5100 on the +2" setting will give you a level stance, or add front coilovers. We can build custom rear shock options (King or Radflo) but we need to talk as these are custom units.
We only build about 10 of these kits a year...there can be an 8-10 week wait if you order between build runs. The Armada market is tiny and we are doing our best to give you guys quality options. Please be patient as there is not much demand for these kits so they can take awhile to build.

Armada 5 Inch Rear Bracket Lift Kit

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