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What this kit allows you to do is add Eibach (or any other race spring) to your Titan or Frontier 5100 shocks to change the spring rate to match your needs. The kit includes the billet lower spring retainers, billet upper mounts, new top and bottom HD bushings, and a new upper washers. This kit does NOT include the springs or the shocks. Springs are super easy to find though, the Frontier/Xterra shocks (24-187053) use a 12" long spring with a 2.5" id. If using the Titan 5100 (24-197649) then you would order a 14" long spring with a 2.5" id. Stock spring rate on all v6 Frontier/Xterra/Pathfinder is around 460lbs/in. Eibach sells springs in 25 or 50lb increments; ie 500, 550, 600, 625, 650, etc. This kit simply allows you to replace you old rusty stock springs with new, for a fraction of what the aftermarket nissan-specific springs sell for and you get to actually pick the rate you want. The 12" springs are also what the Radflo 2.0 coilovers run so there are a handful of springs floating around out there. Assembly is just like the stock strut and does require a spring compressor. This kit still allows you to adjust the ride height just like stock 5100 too by using the preload clips, but you may get more lift if running a stiffer spring. We tend to shoot for around 1000lbs of preload during assembly...this should set you up realy close to the proper height and ride quality most people are after. The billet upper mounts wont bend or rust and because the attaching screws mount from the top down, any leveling spacers can be used with the proper length 3/8-16 bolts, no need to buy over-priced longer studs that need to be pressed out and often spin in the mount later (3/8-16 bolts are easy to find at any hardware store, we do include bolts long enough to work with upto 1/4 spacers). Price includes all the harware for both shocks. 

Bilstien 5100 Spring Upgrade Kit

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