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NOTE: THe boddy is now plated ina ceramic (satin) black, not the zinc shown.

These sway bar end links are for Titans with drop bracket lift kits ONLY (such as a Pro Comp 6", Rancho 4", Rough Country 6", Fabtech 6" or CST lift, not for leveling kits or mini kits or spindle lifts). These will replace the urethane mounted, inferior sway bar end links provided with most kits. They are made from zinc-plated chromoly tubing and use the highest quality teflon-lined heim joints for superior strength and longevity. Installation is a breeze and can be done without even removing the tires. They are extremely visible on lifted Titans and look really great. Price is for the pair shipped in the 50 states. Note: these do not come with instructions as the are so easy to install, but the upper stud uses thin nuts/washers to go though the sway bar, the lower uses thicker nuts/washers to go through the lower a-arm. These are a tight fit and may need a little help as the powercoat on the stock parts can make the holes seem too small. These also come preadjusted to fit most kits.

Bracket Lift Sway Bar End Links


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