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This 2" lift is for the 2003-2010 Touareg and Cayenne with spring suspension (non air-ride). The front strut extensions attach to the end of the stock (aftermarket Arnott are fine, but NOT Bilstein) struts and can be done by simply removing the tires to access the strut and bolting the extensions on (you will have to disconnect one end of the sway bar links also). We provide a new, longer, grade 10.9  14mm bolt to replace the lower shock bolt, Our system does not require you to remove the spring nor does our kit preload the coils (changing the ride hight with preload spacers ruins ride quality). The rear requires that the shock assembly be unbolted from the chassis, which is easy to do as there is no spring compressor required. The rear billet spacers simply bolt between the top of the shock assembly and the upper shock retainer...After bolting back in you will need to rotate the lower strut mount 45 degees with a big ol' screwdriver, but its not difficult to do, to get the lower bolt to line back up.  Also,  we do recommend getting the alignment checked after install even though the lift technically does not change the alignment. Price includes USPS shipping in the 50 states, international orders will be billed extra for shipping.

Cayenne/Touareg 2" Lift Spring Supsension

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