This kit lifts the front of the Cayenne or Touareg 2full inches by using our strut extensions. These simply bolt to the bottom of the strut assembly. You will need to simply disconnect one end of the sway bar links then bolt these extensions on, and reconnect using the new, slightly longer lower shock bolt. The rear of this kit is just as easy to install...the small spacers go between the upper shock mount subframe and the chassis, and attach with the new longer bolts. Then repalce the rear ride height links with the new adjustable set and you are on the road. sometimes the little hole through the lower arm that the adjustable links attach migh need to be reemed to 1/4"...easy to do. The rear height is adjustable to fine tune the stance. No spring compressors or programming required. Kit ships USPS in the 50 states for free and typically within 3-5 days of ordering. 

Cayenne/Touareg 2" Liftfor Air ride