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This kit is designed for the spring ride equiped 2003-2010 Cayennes, Touaregs, and Q7, The kit installs easily with no drilling and basic hand tools, but 2 small tabs in the front fender wells need to ground down or cut off (about a minute per side to do). We use a combination of strut extensions and spacers well as new front bearing style sway bar links and steering shaft extension. Your stock exhaust will have to be modifed by you or an exhaust shop as the rear sub frame will sit 2" lower than stock (the stock "suit-case" muffler can be retained, but the tubes running under the subframe will need to be modified) but you can remove at the center connection and drive around as it sounds pretty good until you get it modifed. There is a slight bit of trimming on the front fender plastic liner below the a-arms, easily done with a utility knife. These kits take about 2-5 days for us to build as they are currently made to order.  Installation should take about 4-6 hrs and you WILL need an alignement when done.  Longer brake lines and/or harness extensions are not required and your ride height and shock adjustment will still be as it was need to reset any computers. Most people will run a larger tire on the factory wheels and add a spacer, 1" seems to be most common. This set-up will generally clear 32-33" truck tires with no issues, if running larger tires or a wheel with a lot of offset (sticks way out) you may need to trim some sheet metal at the lower rear of the inner fender. 

Cayenne/Touareg 4" Spring Ride Lift Kit

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