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Built to order, can take a week or 2

This kit is designed for the person looking to extract the most possible movement and performance from the rear of thier vehicle.  Others may call this a "long travle kit" but it is NOT. These links are simply allowing full movement of the suspension. This kit uses 3/4 teflon-lined FK bearings in 1026 DOM tubing as well as stainless spacers to replace the binding vulcanized rubber bushings. These bearings are maintenance and noise free, unlike urethane bushings. These arms come adjusted and set to the stock lengths and are ready to install using the facrtory bolts. The arms are not really menat to be adjusted on the vehicle as there is no room to adjust/tighten the jam nuts, but alignment will still be done using the alignement cams. We typically use all right -hand threads as these are easier to replace if needed and if a jam nut does come loose, the alignement will not change. We can build them with right and left hand threads if deisired though.  But the arms can be adjusted and reinstalled if gross alignmment corrections are required. The arms come powedercoated black. Note, the rear toe links in this kit are the same as the links we sell seperatly. These kits are built to order and generally take a few days to ship.

Cayenne/Touareg/Q7 Rear Link Kit

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