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These were an item requested by many people that were bending the stock links from hard offroad use. These are sold as a pair and are made of one piece (not welded) 1.125x.250" wall 1026 DOM and use 3/4" telflon lined 3-pc rod ends (not the shitty noisey 2-pc overseas hiems that the rock crawlers and import guys use) and stainless adapter/spacers for years of quiet trouble-free use. What these do is allow for much freer rear suspension movement as there is a huge amount of binding by the stock links (bushings) as well as preventing deflection under hard cornering and braking. Also, there is very little adjustment from the factor cam if you back into something, the weak stock link will bend and you are stuck with not nearly enough adjustment to get your tire even close to aligned and it will have massive toe-out. These are shipped adjusted to the stock length and ready to install. We typically build these with right-hand threads on boths s oif the jamnuts get loose, the adjustment will stay the same, but we can build them w right and left hand threads if requested. These links offer are super resilient but also offer a ton of adjustment so if you do bend one, detach one end, just adjust the threaded rod end until the its approprite length, reattach and drive on (on the left/right threaded arms you can just loosen the jam nuts and twistif the link is not too bent) They look good too. The l;inks shown are red, but can paint them black too.

Cayenne/Touareg Rear Tow Link

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