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billet diff reinforcement rings. sold in a pack of 3, these are pretty easy to install and take up about 95% of the slop from the mushy diff bushings. Will work on Xterra, titan, frontier, pathy, armada, qx56. These just pop into the cavity on the outside of the stock bushing...there is still a small layer of rubber on the inner and outer of the donut. these are great for guys drag racing or who want a bit more positive feel from the front driveline when in 4wd. these can be removed as easy as they install and go right back to stock. pic shows the 3 donuts and how they sit in the bushing housing....bushing does not need to be removed and is not included....its just shown as for info purposes. 

Differential Bushing Reinforcement Kit

SKU: diffbushings
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