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This 2-leaf pack replaces the overload leaf and offers 2.5" of lift while providing a better ride than the factory spring alone. These are built to the highest standards to provide many, many years of sag-free performance. Many people use these to offset sag that the stock springs get after years of use. These springs can be combined with our PRG SHACKLES or PRG BLOCKS to provide up to 6" of lift. Using shackles with just the stock leaf pack can hyper-extend the factory leaves (because the spring tries to "bend" around the stock overload and cause premature sag). Using our spring upgrade will prevent spring fatigue when running shackles, as these are used in place of the factory overload leaf. These leaves will NOT decrease your load capacity, it will stay the same as stock. These springs will carry 200-500lbs with much less sag than stock, max load will be like stock. A great upgrade for guys running a shell/cap or who often carry bikes, or guys who tow boats.

These springs carry a 1 year warantee against cracking outside the ubolts. If the springs crack in between the ubolts, that means the Ubolts were not tight enough.

Frontier 2.5" Dual AAL Pack

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