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This kit is designed to offer about 2" of lift in the front and 1.5" in the rear while greatly improving the ride quality of your 05+ frontier. The Bisltein 5100 front shocks are far better than the stock shocks, even the Nismo/pro4x nissan spec'd bilstiens. The rear springs on the Frontier are known for riding poorly and flattening. The rear single add-a-leaf will add some much needed arch and it is suggested than the rear overload be removed and replaced with this spring. You can keep the overload, but you will need longer u-bolts. Install of this kit does require breaking down of the factory strut using a quality spring compressor. Note, adding any spacer to the 5100 WILL result in coilbucket contact...not the end of the world and adding our 1.5" spacer and a set of upper a-arms can yield 3" of lift and maintain a stellar ride.

Frontier 5100 Single AAL Lift Kit

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