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These are the best riding rear shocks for the 2nd gen Frontier under $400/pr period. We modify the bushing ends to bolt directly to your lower mount. We do this for you and we use heavy wall tubing and new urethane bushings (other vendors either give you a bag of parts or, worse, thin sleeves that crush as they dont provide new bushings to accept a thicker wall tubing). These shocks can be mounted body up or down...just a matter of preference. These are sold in pairs and we offer them in stock lengths upto 6" of lift. These shocks use an IFP, or internal reservoir) and offer slightly less travel than the 5165 series of the same extended length, but the same valving. When choosing the Shock Length, this is the amount of rear lift, not front or combined.

Frontier Bilstein 5125 Rear Shocks

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