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Note: when reading this description, we have taken care to use the term OME (short for Old Man Emu), please dont confuse this with the term OEM (original equipment manufacture)


Note 2: The springs typically drop ship from whereever they currently are in the country and the ubolts/bushings ship usps from our facility. you may get 2 or 3 different deliverys spred over a few days. Dont panic, your parts will all arrive eventually.


When price shopping, be sure to compare (2) leaf packs, (2) bushings kits and (1) ubolt kit.


We are offering these OME Dakar replacement leaf packs complete with the hardware needed to actually install them, We include both springs, both bushing kits, and ubolts. 

These are a nice upgrade for the sagging stock springs...these offer a real 2+ inches of lift and ride a bit firm (we only sell the Med duty on the site as the HD option is bone-jaring and only works for a few applications, we suggest an airbag long before the HD spring 99.9% of the time). These springs are thicker than the stock packs so longer ubolts are required and the bushing kit we provide works with everything EXCEPT the OME shackles (works with the factory OEM shackles though). The springs typically drop ship from an OME warehouse but the harware ships from our facility so you may get a total of 3 shipments. 

Frontier OME Dakar cs150r Springs and Hardware

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