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upto 6 months to build. I FUCKING hate building these as they take a lot of time and i make almost no money doing it. If you want the best, most complete, easiest to install shifter on the market, it will cost a lot and you may have to wait. Honestly, I have mine already, if i never make another one i will be fine with that.

We start with a brand new factory Nissan shifter assembly, and modify it by changing the ratio, get rid of the rubber isolator an add a weighted shift handle. The result is about a 25-35% decrease in travel (nunber varies a bit depending on how soft your current rubber isolator on the handle is). The knob height is approx the same as cannot viually tell the shifter has been modifed at all. Installation is pretty easy 1, leve in nuetral and unthread the shift knob and pop off the boot from the consul. 2, unscrew the inner boot and set aside (yu may need to move a couple wires to the side) 3, remove the 6 10mm bolts and pull the stock shifter out of the trans. 4, unbolt the 3 shifter housing boot bolts and bolt the new shifter into the old upper housing. 5, place the billet riser onto the trans and put the new shifter assembly onto sure to get the plastic shift bushing into the sift rod cup in the trans. 6, use the new allen bolts to tighen the new shifter onto the trans. 7, slide the urethane bushing off the new shifter and install the inner boot. Then slide the urethane bushing back on the shaft and use the ziptie to attach the inner boot top to the lower part of the bushing. Reinstall the boot and shift knob. Although we try to have these instock, they can take upto a few weeks to build if we are between runs on them.

Note; the sealant shown in the picture is no longer included...nor is it required. 

Frontier/Xterra 6sp Short Throw Shifter

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