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Our PRG shackles are unique in that they offer your choice of 1", 1.5", or 2" of lift. Our shackles actually offer 2" of lift as most on Ebay are 2" longer than stock and that is only 1" of actual lift at the tire. We were the first to develop a HD lift shackle back in 2006 for the second gen Xterra/Frontier, copied many times, but not well-duplicated! 

Variable height options, chromoly sleeves, grade 8 hardware, laser cut and black plating. The straight leg is 3/8 plate and will NOT bend if you drop off a ledge and onto the shackle. Installation is pretty simple and uses basic hand tools  (installs just like a factory shackle - instructions aren't included - just look them up anywhere).  We do NOT use grease on these or have zerk fittings as those have proven to be gimmky. These operate like stock and do not require grease (do your stock shackles ever make noise? why add grease and dirt to destroy the bushings, and if you need new bushings they can be had from the dealer or online for just a few $$). We did design these with a slight bit of bushing and spring clearance at all pivot points to insure free movement and full articulation without binding or harm to the springs or mounts. You will get more flex/articulation from these shackles vs any other on the market, These can be combined with springs or AAL (or blocks on the Frontier) for more lift and/or articulation too. Even at 2" lift the factory length shocks will work fine. USPS Priority Mail shipping in the 50 states is included at no additional cost.

2005+ Frontier/Xterra Rear Lift Shackles

SKU: fxvhs

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