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Note, all Stinger parts are built on a custom order basis. You can enter all your info and get charged "$0" , we will simply cancel the order, we are tiny machine shop, its not like we just gonna ship hundreds of dollars in parts because we "messed up" the pricing on our website. If you want our parts, email or call.

This is an itroductory price for the first production run. Price will go up to $419 after that.

-Free shipping in the 50 states-

This kit is designed to plant the rear tires during hard launches and to control wheel hop. The kit include the rear trailing links that use 3-piece FK 3/4 teflon-lined rod ends (about 5x the required load capcity), stainless spacers, and cromoly tube to insure years of noise-free use under the toughest conditions and hardest launches on the stickiest tires. We even include a new, longer, attaching bolts. The rear diff mounts are suplimented with our Delrin rear spacers for the 2 rear bushings and billet front spacers for the front, rear diff bushings. These still allow the stock ruber mounts to effective work but simply take all the slop out of them. The trans mount reinforcement bushings are also Delrin and simply decrease the verticle movement of the stock trans mount from about 3/4" to about .050" by slipping into the stock mounts. These parts simply bolt on or slip into place and can be removed in minutes and go right back to stock.  This kit can take a few days to build but ships free in the 50 states via USPS.

Installtion instructions posted soon, but a breif how to here

-The rear exhaust will need to be lowered from the cat back and the car lifted on jack stands enough to do that

-the 4 diff bolts will be removed

-the exhaust hangers that slide over the front diffe mount bolts will need to be removed from the exhaust...simply wiggle them off

-the rear diff lowered enough to slip the rear bushing reinforment rings into the rubber bushing assembly (pass and driver are different, but its easy to see). 

-the front rear diff billet reinforcements simply slide over the front ears of the diff....they are clearanced to sit flush while lifting the diff back into postiton

-lift the diff back up and start to thread each of the 4 bolts. 

-after the bolts have been started, remove one of the rear bolts and, using a big screwdriver or pry bar, gently push the whoel diff assembly forward and slide the 2.5" gold washer between the diff and the rear bushing...these will keep the new reinforecment rings in place. now do that to the other side rear mount

-tighten all 4 diff bolts

-reinstall the rear exhaust brackets onto the front diff bolts and these will slightly push the billet mounts into the rear of the front rear-diff mounts. The rear diff bushing kit is now done

-The trans mount is easy. Support the trans. reamove the 6 bolts holding the trans cross member, remove the three bolts from the mount to the crossmember. 

-slide the t-bushing into the hole in the center of the crossmemeber and then put the crossmember back in place. tighten everything back up except the center bolt. The delrin washer simlpy goes between the ruber covered washer and the bottom of the crossmember. 

-Rear links are easy too...just remove the old ones and install the new ones in place. They are adjusted at our shop to be the exact length as the factory should NOT need to realign. 

-reinstall the exhaust and make sure everything it tight as it was when removed and go for spin.

Kia Stinger Launch Upgrade Kit

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