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Note, all Stinger parts are built on a custom order basis. You can enter all your info and get charged "$0" , we will simply cancel the order, we are tiny machine shop, its not like we just gonna ship hundreds of dollars in parts because we "messed up" the pricing on our website. If you want our parts, email or call.

this is just for the pair of the rear trailing arms/leading links (depending on what you call them). These elliminate the light duty stamped part and soft rubber bushing with a precision heim teflon-lined heim joint (no noise) on a very rigid link. These allow for better road feel and less motion under hard acceleration. These are adjustable but we send them out adjusted to the factory length so you simply unbolt the stock parts and bolt these in. Install is easy and requires just a jack and a few hand tools. The rear tires dont even need to be taken off to install the links. Shipping is included in the 48 states.

Kia Stinger Trailing Arms

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