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If you have any Nissan truck built after 2006, it did not come with adjustable lower a-arm pivot bolts. Your olny alignement parameter is to adjust the TOE. Replacing the factory bolts and washers with these eccentric cams allows full caster and camber adjustment. A major benefit of these bolts is that you can add caster and therefore move the wheel forward to allow for about 3/4" more firewall clearance with no ill effect to handling.  Often the factory bolts can be seized in the control arm bushings....they will need to be cut out.  These come in sets of 4 bolts, 8 washers, and 4 lock nuts. Note' CAM BOLTS ARE NOT RETURNABLE! If you dont need them for some reason, we will not refund your money on these. Sell them on ebay, give them to a friend, put them in an Easter basket....but dont send them back to us.

Nissan Alignement Cam Bolt Kit

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