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These bushing kits replace all 4 rubber lower a-arm pivots with double shouldered bushings and steel crush sleeves. These are very smooth and offer very little deflection that results in much better steering feel and control. There are no zirc fitting as the one application of copper anti-seize will keep everything silent for years and years. Installation of these requires removal of the lower a-arms and disassembly of the stock bushings from the a-arm itself. taking the stock bushings out is difficult to do ( i mean a real pain in the ass). You can cut and/or burn the rubber bushings out, its not a pleasant task. The inner stock bushign sleeve also needs to be pressed out or cut out, this is the outer part of the bushing. Once the stock bushing and sleeve is removed the new bushings simply press in by hand. Note; the same LCA bushings are used on the titan,armada, xterra, pathfinder and frontier. The small tube of anti-sieze shown in the second pic is NOT included. Typically $5 at any autoparts store.

Nissan Delrin Lower Control Arm Bushing Kit

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