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Note; We now use a billet aluminum 6061 spacer instead of the steel tube.  

Note2; we now use a rubber rear OEM style rear brake line.


Also, we are NOT fucking Amazon or Ebay. we cannot ship these odd-ball one-off parts within 48 hrs. it may be 1 -10 days. If that is too long, do buy this kit. 


This kit will drop the rear subframe or an Armada/QX56 or r51 Pathfinder 2 inches. You can combine our 1.5 or 2" rear lift spacers for a variety of combinations. The Armada rear shockswill work on the r51 chassis, but anything over 2" lift on the Armada will require custom shocks.

Pathfiner/Armada 2 inch Rear Subframe Drop

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