After talking to 911 owners and reading the forums, we came to the conclusion that a quality motor mount for everyday use was needed. There are the stock mounts that are ok but fail quickly, there are race mounts out there that nearly everyone hates as the vibration is so bad, especially at idle. So we used our proven urethane motor mount bushings and incorporated them into an ultra strong but very-low vibration mount package. Not to mention, these are super cheap compared to other high-end mounts. The vibration levels are the same as stock at idle, but offer very little movement during shifting or under full throttle, Its no secret, we use a very soft durometer bushing w as much surface area as possible. Install is exactly like the stock mounts and include a new slightly longer bolts. Installation is the same as regualr mounts and takes just a few minutes to do. Price is for a pair of mounts shipped in the 50 states, international shipping will be billed after ordering. 

Porsche 911 (1965-89) Motor Mounts