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After looking for a decent set of motor mounts that would; 1, outlast the stock mounts; 2, offer no more vibration than stock; 3, offer better control than stock mounts; and 4, not cost an arm and a leg. I found nothing fitting.  I looked at all the current aftermarket mounts and every single review, even from the "street" bushings, was horrible; "too harsh", "my wife wont ride in the car anymore", "brand new race mounts for sale...only 50 miles cause they are too harsh". I set out to make the best perfromance mounts that improve performance but feel like stock. That is what these mounts do. Sold as a pair, these install in minutes just like all mounts. We offer free USPS shipping in the 50 states. We can ship globally, but we need to quote depending on location.

Porsche 996 Motor Mounts

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