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Customer Review:

Just got back in about an hour ago.  Put about 700-miles on the car and its new transmission mounts, mileage that included interstate, suburban - metro traffic, and mountain roads for which the car was designed.  I'm not blowing smoke when I say that installing the PRG mounts was like having put in a new transmission. 

The most immediate effect was the smooth, spot-on precision of the shift pattern.  Whereas before the PRG's it was with annoying frequency that it was necessary to "hunt" for the gear you wanted, with the new mounts the shifts were exactly where they were expected. One of the biggest improvements was the accuracy of downshifts, especially into 1st gear, which had always been "iffy."  Coming out of the VIR track complex onto the main road is a "T" with a tight, uphill, STOP sign adorned turn.  Sight lines require full stop, but based on the drivers' assessment and the distance of the oncoming traffic, it is possible to roll through with a downshift to 1st; miss it and things could get ugly.

Downshifting was flawless, confidence inspiring, and created the sense that somehow the car had been "reborn" with a new transmission.  Can't wait to see what effect the new motor mount will have on the drive train.  Great product. Great improvement,  Feel free to use me as a reference anytime.

Peter H.


Note: bushings are black now, not red as shown.

Sold as a pair. These are a direct replacement for the failure prone factory or factory-style mounts. These are NOT a race mount (although plenty capable of any track day) as these have the same vibration as the stock mounts at idle but offer much more support under load and far better longevity than any rubber mount. The key is using a properly soft durometer urethane but with a lot of surface...this keeps the small vibrations in check but still controls large movements. These simply bolt on just like any replacement mount, and if the bushings ever do need to be replaced, they can simply slide out, no need to remove the transmission bracket ever again. We can change the firmness of the bushings by changing preload on the bushing at your request also. These mounts can also be flipped to lower the transmission about 1/2" for guys running a 3.4 swap. We also include a slightly larger (stronger) 1/2" grade 8 bolt. These ship free in the 50 states (usps 2-3 day priority), international order will be sent add'l shipping charges (usps international) after the order has been placed. We try to keep everything in stock, but it may take 2-3 days to get out the door.

Porsche Boxster/Cayman (986/987) Transmission Mount

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