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Please note, we are small company that deals with specialty products that we make here in our shop in northern California. Things may take a couple days to ship.


These mounts replace the front motor mount on the 986/987 or the transmission mount on the 996 (c2 and c4)This is a complete urethane insert that REPLACES the stock failure-prone rubber bushing, this is not an insert to assist a stock mount nor is this a noisy/harsh race-style mount. We pour these to our specific durometer to allow full support, both vertically and laterally (no silly donuts on either side of the stock mount) and have no more vibration than a new stock mount. Installation is easier than any current mount as you will need to push/pull/extract the old bushing, then simply slide our bushing halves into the aluminum housing followed by our billet crush sleeve. Since the sleeve can rotate, indexing the mount (which is critical and difficlut on the press-in mounts) is simple and can be done as you slide the factory bolts through. These do NOT need a press to be reinstalled and if future maintenace is required, the bushings easily come out by hand. 

The bushing halves are red, but a few pics show them in their natural color. We will have corresponding trans/motor mounts soon. We offer a limited lifetime warantee on these mounts. if you can break it, we will replace it as long as its not user or installation error.

Porsche Boxster/Cayman Motor Mount

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