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NOTE; any coilover/shock order will have 24 hrs to cancel after ordered or be subject to a 30% cancellation fee if you change your mind later Due to Covid all production times have been extended and availabilty of product has simply decreased creating longer wait times. 


Finally a coilover that does it all at a great price. Highlights include

-Aluminum body...wont rust

-Ride quality can go from firm to soft with the twist of a knob...that is actaully easy to access even with gloves on.

-Eibach springs in your choice of rates from extra charge for any rate

-Billet modular upper mounts.

--through bolt studs to break or change if you want to add a spacer..just use longer 3/8-16 (common) bolts. If you break a bolt, it can easily be extracted as the holes are tapped through. 

-Spring can be removed without a spring compressor...the preload adjusters can be backed all the way down and removed (use a small screwdriver to detach the adjustment knob) and the springs come right off. This makes it easy to try different spring rates.

-Uses 2.5" id springs....much less expensive than some other options that use a 3" id spring.

-Urethane lower pivot bearings to wear out and need noise either.

-Can be rebuilt by the manufacture in Los Angeles.

-Tyipcally built and shipped in less than 10 working days.

500lb-2wd 4cyl

550lb-2wd 6cyl
600lb-4wd stock bumper
650lb-4wd aftermarket steel bumper (Hefty, Shrock, etc)
700lb-4wd steel bumper AND winch 

PRG Aluminum Frontier/Xterra Coilovers

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