Finally a coilover that does it all at a great price. These are $799/pr entry price. Highlights include

-Aluminum body...wont rust

-Ride quality can go from firm to soft with the twist of a knob...that is actaully easy to access even with gloves on.

-Eibach springs in your choice of rates from extra charge for any rate

-Billet modular upper mounts.

--through bolt studs to break or change if you want to add a spacer..just use longer 3/8-16 (common) bolts. If you break a bolt, it can easily be extracted as the holes are tapped through. 

--The mounts can easily be flipped to extend the length of the shock for use wit hstock upper arms or aftermarket upper arms...only shock on the market to offer this to actually INCREASE wheel travel,,,not just a spacer slapped on top.

-Spring can be removed without a spring compressor...the preload adjusters can be backed all the way down and removed (use a small screwdriver to detach the adjustment knob) and the springs come right off. This makes it easy to try different spring rates or to flip the upper mounts when you get aftermaket upper arms.

-Uses 2.5" id springs....much less expensive than some other options that use a 3" id spring.

-Urethane lower pivot bearings to wear out and need noise either.

-Can be rebuilt by the manufacture in Los Angeles.

-Tyipcally built and shipped in less than 10 working days.

500lb-2wd 4cyl

550lb-2wd 6cyl
600lb-4wd stock bumper
650lb-4wd aftermarket steel bumper (Hefty, Shrock, etc)
700lb-4wd steel bumper AND winch 

PRG Aluminum Frontier/Xterra Coilovers

Spring Rate


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