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These 3 leaf add-a-leaf packs are designed to give a bit more lift and a bit more load handling than the C-10 pack, but are otherwise the same. They are installed in place of the overload leaf on your stock spring packs. These springs will provide approximately 3.5" of lift on a 4wd and approximately 2.5" of lift on a 2wd. They can be used in place of a block on the ProComp, Rancho, or Fabtech kits. On a Rough Country kit you will need a custom 1.5" off-set pin block to get 4" (or more) height (call for information or see our block section). Installation is fairly simple, uses basic hand tools, and should take about 2 hours. Note that you will need a few 4" and 6" c-clamps; these are not included. Price is for the pair. Note: there is a 1 year warrantee one the springs but if a leaf cracks, we will only replace that particular leaf and only if the break is "outside" the ubolts. If the break is in between the ubolts, your ubolts are loose and there is no warrantee.

PRG c-30 Titan Add-a-Leaf

SKU: titanc30aal
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