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These are simply THE BEST FRONTIER/XTERRA ARMS ON THE MARKET....PERIOD! Regardless of price. We are now offering our PRG Upper a-arm without the integral droop stop. These are the exact same arms that have set the standard for all other Frontier/Xterra arms but offered at a lower price point. The question is often "do i need the stop". Well, when we designed the arms back in 2006 the current trend was to stack spacers/springs and these positive stops kept guys from blowing out ball joints and/or drivelines. Also, the coilovers back then did not have internal droop stops. Since we strongly suggest NOT combining spacers and/or springs that has become a moot point and the ALL of the current coilovers use internal droop stops now. So our external stop is often no longer needed. These are not a budget arm, these use the best domestic precision bearings (FK hiems/uniballs) and stainless hardware, 4130 chromoly tubing, and are machined, welded, assembled, and powdercoated by skilled fabricators in the USA . These come ready to install as we set them up adjusted and ready to mount. There is camber/caster adjustment but the inner pivot bolts need to be pulled to adjust. The ability to adjust is meant to correct for major issues...use the arms for global adjustment and fine tune with the cam bolts like a regular alignment. On 2005-2012 trucks the driver's side rear bolt cannot be removed without either disassembling the steering shaft or cutting the bolt...we suggest just cutting the bolt and we include a replacement bolt that can then be installed from the other direction (as the 2013+ trucks do). Price is for the arms shipped USPS in the 50 will cost more to ship. Note; we also offer these arms in red powdercoat. We try to stock these and they usually ship within a couple days of ordering but can can run behind a couple weeks. If you are in a hurry for them, please call.

PRG Frontier/Xterra Upper Control Arms

SKU: prgfxuca
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