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These are a direct bolt-on shock for the rear of the 05+ Frontier or Xterra. These use a large 5/8 lower bearing for longevity and to fit the factory 14mm well as decreasing the shaft side load by 1/2. Valved specifically for your application, these are currently the best riding shock we offer for the $$, esepcaily on the Xterra platform. Shocks are sold as a pair and built to order/ Typically they ship in 10-12 working days.

To determine the length of shock needed. Measure from upper to lower shock bolt at ride height (not jacked up, but as it will be driven) on level ground....then add 3". ie, from bolt to bolt your Xterra measures 17.5" (or close to that) then you'd want to run the 21.5" long shocks.

Radflo Frontier/Xterra 2.0 Emulsion Rear Shocks

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