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We are now offering these very inexpensive and tough traction bars from Rough Country. These use heims at both ends and offer a very nice rear mounting plate that fit directly under the stock u-bolt plate and bolts on using your existing ubolts (adds about 1/4" of thickness to the plate). The front mounts can be bolted by drilling 4 1/2" holes in the bottom of the frame or the brackets can be welded (a 1.5" seam on the front and rear of the bracket work great and can be easily ground if the tabs ever need to be removed). These bars are a great value and will prevent spring/axle wrap and because the bearings at both ends of the bar these will not decrease articulation. Note; the bearings that come with the bars are on ok at best, they do tend to clunk after a few months of use....we do offer a much better bearing that will last many, many years and be noise free. But upgrading the bearings is a simple 15 minute handtool-in-the-driveway fix if you want to address that down the road. And although they may start making a bit of noise, the bars will function just fine. Price includes shipping the the 48 states.

Rough Country Traction Bars

SKU: rctb
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