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Best arms for the money on the market, nothing comes close until you get way over $600. RC stepped thier game up and re-did these arms AGAIN, this time making them from a nice aluminum forging. They offer a huge amount of coil bucket clearance, nice vulcanized inner pivots (not noisey urethane) and a very nice sealed outer ball joint. Xterra/Frontier owners...these are ONLY for you if you are doing a titan-swap, these will NOT replace your stock length arms and cannot be used "until i get the rest of the parts".

These are non-adjustable but align well (unlike the ebay TC copies that will NOT align properly). These arms allow for more clearance of leveling kits to eliminate UCA-to-coilbucket can run a 2" kit on 2008+ or 2.5" kit on 04-07 titans with no contact. With a bit of grinding you can run 1/2" more lift than the aforementioned heights. Also, stick to the lower numbers if running a Bilstein 5100 as these shocks are slightly longer than stock. These arms use a ball joint that can be replaced.. These ship directly from Rough Country and the price includes shipping in the 48 states.


Rough CountryTitan Upper Control Arms

SKU: RCtitanuca
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