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These are a nice upper arm that allows for a bit of alignment adjustment using an eccentric ball joint mount and a lot more clearance to eliminate UCA contact when running extended length shocks or a leveling kit. We started carrying these arms as we wanted a lower priced arm that is up to standards of parts we would put on our own vehicles, and these arms are what we found. Often, when trying to get 3" of lift the ball joint on these arms will need to be moved as far inboard as possible, there may be some clearancing on the lip of coilbucket to insure there is no contact with the ball joint. If the boot tears because of this the ball joints will not be warranted. Also, if the ball joint housing hits the coilbucket it may knock the alignment out. Point being, if you are trying to extract max height, there may be a bit of grinding to ensure long and proper life of these arms. These arms use urethane inner bushings and come 90% assembled (you will need to push the crush sleeves into the bushings and bolt the ball joint on...but its all easy stuff to do. You WILL need and alignment after install. Also, SPC now includes a replacement bolt if you choose to cut the drivers' side rear to speed the install. Price includes shipping in the 48 states.

SPC Frontier/Xterra Upper Control Arms

SKU: spcfxuca
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