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These have a super heavy duty greaseable ball joint that allows for an additional +/- 1 degree of caster and camber and should last through years and years of abuse (replacement ball joints are about the same cost as stock too). The inner pivots are urethane but unlike nearly every other urethane-pivot arm on the market, these bushings DONT squeak. These arms will allow use of all extended length coilovers. These will also allow for compensation of bent coilbucket or the add'l length needed for the ever-popular titan-swap on the 05+ Xterra/Frontiers. As well as allowing for full droop/extension for the Titan-swap. On an 04-07 Titan (2 or 4wd or OR pkg) these will allow for a 2.5" lift spacer (you will need longer sway bar end links too) or a 2" spacer on the 08-2016+ Titan (2 or 4wd or pro4x, again, longer end links will be needed or the sway bar will bind, flip over, and cause all sorts of havoc with your wheels and steering). These can also be used with the 5100 and and a spacer with 1/2" less lift-spacer than listed above (5100 are physically longer than the stock shocks or the Rancho quicklifts, therefore a thinner spacer needs to be used, again, longer sway bar end links required). These generally ship from Colorado. Any questions on these, feel free to call. 

SPC Titan Upper A-arms

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