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Price includes shipping in the 48 states.

This is simply the most cost effective 6" lift currently on the market. This is a Rough Country product and fitment may not be as good as some of the other kits but it is still a very nice kit overall. This kit is similar to the Fabtech kit in height (taller than Procomp or Rancho, same as CST 7") and offers a 4" rear block kit. This lift comes with twin-tube rear shocks (basically a Ranch 5000 series). A Bilstein or Radflo (or fox or whatever you want) can be added later but these shocks come with the kit no matter. Just like the FT kit, this lift does NOT include new front brake lines for reasons I cannot fathom. You can buy the brake lines here
and this will not only speed the install but prevent the hard brake lines from splitting. And like most bracket-lift kits the sway bar end links break in short order, here is the link to our upgraded links...not only do these look great but they will speed the install and prevent you from calling me in a panic when the stock links break. Coilvers can be added to this kit just like all the other kits too. Note: just like all the current Titan bracket-lift kits on the market, this kit was designed on the 04-07 models and 2008+ may sit a tad taller in the front...but this kit is so tall you probably would not notice. Price is for the kit shipped in the 48 states..anywhere else will cost more to ship. This kit drop ships from RC. Shown is the same pic that everyone uses for this kit. Installed it looks like any other lifted Titan. The front cross member on this kit is very nice looking though and in my opinion the nicest looking of the current kits.
Here's the generic info found on everyone else's site;
-Integrated skid plate design
-Increased ground clearance
-Levels the front with the rear of the vehicle
-HD 0.25" thick steel crossmembers.
-No exhaust modifications required
-This product features Rough Country's Lifetime Replacement Warranty. All products are warranted to be free from defects in material and craftsmanship for the life of the vehicle if utilized in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for installation and operation of said products. For complete details and coverage information please click
-Lifted knuckles
-Front crossmember
-Rear crossmember
-Upper strut spacers
-Kicker bars
-Bumpstop brackets
-Differential skid plate
-Cam bolts
-Sway-bar links
-Sway-bar brackets
-Fabricated lift blocks
-Brake line brackets
-(2) Premium N2.0 Series (Rear)

Titan 04-17 6 Inch Lift Kit

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