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This is the small lift we recomend to the 08+ 4wd Titan guys as it was designed specificly for that application. It will fit any year Titan, 2 or 4wd, though. This kit uses our 1.5" front lift spacer (for '08+ 4wd and all other year and model Titans) and adds our 1" or 1.5" rear billet block kit. As most stock 4wd Titans sit about 2" lower in the front, this kit will reduce the rake a bit and offer a small lift. 1" rear blocks will yeild about a 1" forward rake and the 1.5" rear blocks will be about 1.5" of rear rake. This can vary from truck to truck, so its best to measure before ordering to insure you get the stance you want. On most Titans, there is no coilbucket contact with this kit. Also, urethane bumpstops are NOT included as they just aren't required easing installation.

Titan 1.5 Front x 1 or 1.5" Rear Mini Lift Kit

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