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This kit includes our 2" lift billet front spacers and our 1.5" or 1" rear billet block kits. These kits are for any year 2wd and 2004-2007 4wd Titans and will leave the rear with about 1-1.5" taller than the front (about 1"" less rake than stock) but still offer a slight forward stance while being a bit taller all around. These kits are great for guys that tow often as the rear will not sag lower than the front when your trailer is connected.  Cam bolts are recommended for all 2006+ Titans. Stock shocks are fine up to the 1.5" rear blocks but longer shocks are recommended when running 2" or taller rear blocks. Stock brake lines are fine with this kit too.

Titan 2 Inch Front x 1.5 or 1 Inch Rear Mini Lift Kit

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