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This kit is designed to lift the front of all Titans 3-3.5" and improve ride quality and increase wheel travel while being somewhat cost effective using quality parts. I know that's a mouthful, but here's how it works. We start with the awesome Bilstein 5100 front shocks, which yield just over 1" of lift on the middle setting (recommended as the max preload on all '08+ 4wd titans including the P4X), but can run the 2" setting for more lift but a slight decrease in ride quality (all 2wd and 04-07 4wd can run the 2" lift setting though). We then add our 2" lift billet spacers (1.5" on 08+) and urethane bumpstops (these are critical so as to not crush the 5100 on full compression). Total lift is just over 3" or 4" depending on your set-up. The stock upper a-arms are a bottle neck to maintaining wheel travel/ride quality when lifting, so this kit includes the Rough Country upper a-arms. Even on 08+ trucks there should be no coilbucket contact....there is a slight chance though that a very mild amount of grinding may be required. We round out the package with our adjustable sway bar end links (required as the factory links will be too short and will buckle thus jacking-up your fancy wheels). Cam bolts are included too so your alignment tech doesn't get all pissy and can be adjusted for max tire clearance. Install should take about 2-3 hours and installing the 5100's does require a good spring compressor. There is plenty of info on these shocks in our individual listing of them.

Note; this kit ships from multiple vendors; parts will not arrive in one shipment but will arrive in multiple shipments over a few days.

Titan 3.5 Inch Front Kit

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