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These are billet spacers that will give any year or model Titan or Aramda 1.5" of front-end lift. These are the only spacers we recommend for the '08+ 4wd (these are perfectly fine for the Pro4x and leave it with a very nice 1/2" of forward rake). On pre-'08 models these spacers should not let the upper arm touch the coilbucket, on '08+ there may be very, very slight contact...usually not ever noticed. Although the 2 or 2.5" lift spacers will fit on the '08+ 4wd, because Nissan ran a slightly longer spring, but didn't change the chassis at all, there just isn't more room to lift more than 1.5" without the following issues occurring 1, decreased wheel travel and poor ride quality. 2, excessive noise from the upper a-arm hitting the coilbucket (potential failure if too tall spacer is used). 3, very hard to align, even with cams. 4, sway bar end link failure as they will rotate down and break the links at that same time damaging the inside lip of the wheels. These spacers do not include taller bumpstops as they are not needed.

Titan/Armada 1.5inch Lift Spacer

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