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These 2.5" lift spacers are designed for the 2004-2007 2wd Titans. We recommend the 2" for 2008+ 2wd and the 1.5" for 2008+ 4wd. These are machined from 6061 domestic billet and guaranteed for life. These spacer kits will make your 2wd sit dead level, many owners opt to add a rear block or just start with one of our mini-kits that include these front spacers and a rear block kit. This kit includes longer urethane bumpstops (required to prevent harsh bottoming and to keep form damaging the shocks), instructions and cotter pins. You can run these on '08+ 4wd but our upper arms, sway bar end links and cam bolts are required...we have a kit that includes these parts too. We do recommend that any 2006+ Titan install adjustable cam bolts for proper alignment.

Titan/Armada 2.5 inch Lift Spacers

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